What Blooms From Dust by James Markert


This written work is about exactly what the title states, things blooming from dust.  The story is written in an allegorical sense, which allows the reader to not only find deep meaning within the characters and the story location, but also insert some of their own interpretations and meaning into things.  The story is written in such a way to keep the reader guessing as to what is coming next, thus, causing the reader to want to keep turning page after page after page until they will reach a point where they absolutely have to finish the book.

The book made me really view the world in a different way due to the allegory contained upon its pages.  The book is filled with great characters that are really brought to life upon the pages.  I don’t think James Markert created a boring character or two characters that were even close to resembling the other, well, except maybe for appearance on occasion, but personality, not at all.  The message of this story really make its readers think about where they came from and where they are going.  It will make them think about the affects that this wicked world can have upon them if they let it steal their kindness and joy.  This book is one that I will highly recommend to others for years to come.



Hope of Nations: Standing Strong in a Post-Truth, Post-Christian World by John S. Dickerson


In the stated work, John S. Dickerson first shows his readers where the western world has been and how it was able to have wealth and influence the world around it, which is simply the fact that, as a whole, the western world had a faith in Jesus Christ that was at the heart of everyday life.  He then shows where we are at now in the western world, which is the result of the majority of people departing from their Christian foundation.  Mr. Dickerson then talks about the possibilities of where we are going here in the western world as a result of so many departing from God.  To close the book out, he lays out nine manifestos focused on how to live the Christian life out boldly and bravely in a place that is becoming less accepting of the things of Christ with each passing day.

This is an absolutely amazing book, which is well worth anyone’s time to read.  I firmly believe that more Christians need to be aware of the things that Dickerson shared upon the pages of this book and we all, as Christians, need to be challenged to live more boldly for Christ in a world that is quickly growing darker and darker as time passes along.  I consider this a four star book.  There were places where I felt that the author could have been more bold in certain beliefs, but I don’t think he was completely wrong either for the way in which he approached them.  I think that he was trying to balance being able to deliver the truth in such a loving way as to not cause readers who did not agree with the truth to put the book aside for good.  Overall, John S. Dickerson has offered up a great book that should be on every Christian’s bookshelf, Kindle, and definitely on their “Read” list of books on Goodreads.